Together with our partners we provide year-round, hands-on, watershed-themed learning experiences for youth of the Copper River watershed. We believe that engaging youth in inspiring education programs that literally immerse them in their surroundings will help develop a strong connection to and sense of responsibility for taking care of our watershed and its resources now and into the future. These personal experiences and connections to their surrounding environment will instill a strong stewardship ethic in the region’s future resource managers and harvesters. Furthermore, by connecting students from different schools via technology and in the field, we hope to help participants see themselves as members of a watershed community. We aim to provide engaging opportunities to students throughout their school years, including raising salmon with elementary students in their classrooms, stream and pond exploration field trips with middle school students, and a field-based summertime adventure for high school students. We are also pleased to offer internships (upon request) and scholarships to graduating seniors looking to pursue a secondary degree that will benefit the economy, ecosystem, or cultures of the Copper River watershed.

Copper River Stewardship Program

Stewardship Program

This hands-on program takes 10 youth from communities throughout the watershed on an in-depth adventure through the Copper River watershed.

Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program

In 2010, the Copper River Watershed Project released a new scholarship program for graduating high school seniors from the Copper River watershed.

Watershed or Stream Explorations

Odiak Pond Field Study

Cordova Students have been studying this salmon habitat and successfully added Odiak Pond and Stream to the State of Alaska’s Andaramous Waters Catalog.

Salmon in the Classroom

Salmon in the Classroom

Each year elementary students raise coho salmon in fish tanks as part of Alaska Department of Fish & Game’s Salmon in the Classroom education program.