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We work as partners with Copper River Seafoods, Inc., a seafood processor that supports our watershed programs by donating 8% of proceeds from purchases made through our web site.  Copper River Seafoods, Inc. was founded by Cordova fishermen, and offers salmon and other seafood harvested by fishermen who follow quality handling practices.

Shop Copper River Salmon: sockeye, Chinook (king), or coho salmon

Copper River SalmonSockeye, Chinook (King), or Coho Salmon
CRS_IMG_PHT_PRO_King Salmon Raw On Cutting Board-01
Copper River King Salmon
CRS_IMG_PHT_PRO_8 oz Smoked Salmon Portion-01
Copper River Sockeye Salmon
CRS_IMG_PHT_PRO_Coho Salmon Raw On Cutting Board-01-01
Copper River Coho salmon
Smoked and smoked in jars

Copper River salmon is available fresh, frozen or smoked in 1 lb. “portion packs” so you don’t have to cook an entire fillet at once. Copper River King salmon is generally available from mid-May through mid-June.

Smoked salmon in jars is great for snacks and gifts, and is a shelf-stable product so keeps very well! Salmon is an extremely versatile fish to cook with, and Copper River Seafood offers lots of great recipe ideas.

Shop wild-caught Alaska seafood

Wild-Caught Alaskan SeafoodHalibut, King Crab, Pacific Cod, Rockfish, Scallops, Spot Shrimp
Alaska Halibut
Alaska King Crab
Wild Alaska Cod
Spot Shirmp

Fresh or frozen seafood is shipped overnight to your door. Lots of great recipes are available from Copper River Seafoods and from the Alaska Seafood Marketing Insitute.