We have completed a variety of habitat restoration & monitoring projects throughout the Copper River watershed to improve fish passage, re-vegetate and stabilize habitats for spawning and rearing salmon, assess water quality and identify salmon habitat for listing in the Alaska Department of Fish & Game’s Andaromous Waters Catalog.  Access our culvert prioritization tool, see highlights of our restoration efforts, and learn more about Salmon Blitz habitat assessment efforts.

Restoration & Monitoring Projects

  • Eyak Lake Restoration
    Updates on fish habitat restoration projects managed by CRWP.
  • Culverts are the Culprits!
    Access to all habitat types at all life stages is important for maintaining healthy salmon populations. CRWP and partners have developed a tool to prioritize culvert replacement projects and continue efforts to improve fish passage throughout the watershed.
  • Odiak Watershed Restoration
    CRWP and partners will be working hard to improve habitat quality in Odiak Pond for the fish and other organisms that live there.
  • Fish Watch
  • Salmon Blitz
    Salmon Blitz engages citizen scientists in habitat assessments.