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Get your fresh fillets of luscious Copper River salmon directly from the source – Sena Sea operating out of Cordova. This tiny fishing village of 2,500 comes alive each summer as fishermen take to the seas to bring home the world’s supply of sought after Copper River salmon.

Salmon Available All Season Long

Plated Salmon

Now you can order your supply of delicious, healthy salmon right online, ensuring immediate delivery and the highest quality available. And Copper River salmon is available all summer long, through September. Barbecue the tender, oily Chinook in the early summer, then tuck into the rich flavor of sockeye (red) salmon during the middle of the season. Be sure to stock up on coho and sockeye during August and into autumn – these are great fish to freeze, smoke or can.

Wild Alaska Salmon from the Dock to Your Door

Fresh Caught Salmon

Just think – no longer will you wait in long lines at the fish counter and there’s no worry about where your salmon has been, because it’s arriving on your doorstep straight from the Alaska coastline! These fish are bought direct from the fishermen by Sena Sea, carefully packaged, and sent straight to your home!

Wild About Fresh Salmon

Copper River Salmon with logo

You’ll never forget the taste of the season’s first barbecued Copper River salmon. Sena Sea meticulously packages and delivers Copper River Chinook (king), sockeye (red), coho (silver) and keta (pink) salmon fillets directly to your doorstep for optimum grilling and baking. These valued salmon have been carefully fished to avoid bycatch and to assure resource regeneration. Sena Sea fishermen follow quality handling practices to ensure a longer shelf life and superior results.