Recycling Resources in the Copper River Watershed

ROAR Action Shot

As part of our mission to ensure the continued health of our watershed communities, CRWP works to promote recycling throughout the Copper River area. We strive to maintain sustainable practices in our own operations, and want to encourage others to do so as well. Click on the links below for more info on how to do your part!

Recycle Cordova

Currently the following can be recycled in Cordova: 

  • Aluminum
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Car batteries
  • Other batteries
  • Motor Oil
  • Fishing web (see below)

For more information, visit the City of Cordova’s Recycle Cordova! page, or call the City Baler at (907) 424-5600

Plastic Recycling Events

The Copper River Watershed Project and AC Value Center teamed up to bring plastic recycling to Cordova. On the last Friday of the month bring your #1 PETE and #2 HDPE plastic to the AC parking lot for recycling.

Plastic Recycling Events will be held every month during May – September and every other month during October – April.

Fishing Net/Web Recycling

Cordova Net Recycling


Click here to download our updated 2014 Web Recycling Flyer!

Drop-off sites are available year round behind the Harbormasters Office on Harbor Loop Road (South Fill) and at the City Baler Facility located at 1 mi. Whitshed Road.

How should I prepare my old net for recycling?

  1. Rinse with fresh water and strip of cork, weed, and lead lines.
  2. Bundle with hanging twine so it can be easily yarded. Please don’t bag.
  3. Deposit as far back as possible inside shipping container at drop-off point.

Alaskans use about 800,000 to one million pounds of fishing web in their nets per year.  Most old web gets dumped in community landfills, shortening a landfill’s useful life and adding expense to municipal operations.  Salmon gillnets and seines are made from nylon, which can be re-processed to manufacture new products like telephones, computer parts, toothbrushes, carpeting and bicycle seats, among others.

The Copper River Watershed Project is overseeing a fishing web recycling effort with assistance from Cordova District Fishermen United, the Marine Advisory Program, Native Village of Eyak, and the PWS Science Center.  Funding for the recycling was initially provided by the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, but the program is currently intended to be self-sustaining, with funds obtained from web sales going back into the program.

Nets collected in Cordova are shipped to Bellingham, Washington where they are baled and loaded in 20-ton containers for shipment to China.  In China, the nets are chopped, formed into pellets and then used to manufacture plastic products and parts.

Contact CRWP at or call (907) 424-3334 to learn more about where to recycle or to volunteer.


R.O.A.R. Logo R.O.A.R. is the go-to organization for your recycling needs in the Copper Basin. This registered nonprofit organization is sponsored by organizations in the area, including CRWP, and operated by volunteers. We generally sponsor R.O.A.R. in April, so if you want to volunteer during that time, give us a call at (907) 424-3334 or email   Current recycling programs include:

  • Aluminum Drink Cans
  • Office Paper
  • Shredded Office Paper
  • Mixed Paper
  • Newspapers

For more information, visit the R.O.A.R. Facebook Page, or call (907) 822-6777