Recycling Resources in the Copper River Watershed

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As part of our mission to ensure the continued health of our watershed communities, CRWP works to promote recycling throughout the Copper River area. We strive to maintain sustainable practices in our own operations, and want to encourage others to do so as well. Click on the links below for more info on how to do your part!

Recycle Cordova

Currently the following can be recycled in Cordova: 

  • Aluminum
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Car batteries
  • Other batteries
  • Motor Oil

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For more information, visit the City of Cordova’s Recycle Cordova! page, or call the City Baler at (907) 424-5600


R.O.A.R. Logo R.O.A.R. is the go-to organization for your recycling needs in the Copper Basin. This registered nonprofit organization is sponsored by organizations in the area, including CRWP, and operated by volunteers. We generally sponsor R.O.A.R. in April, so if you want to volunteer during that time, give us a call at (907) 424-3334 or email

Current recycling programs include:

  • Aluminum Drink Cans
  • Office Paper
  • Shredded Office Paper
  • Mixed Paper
  • Newspapers

For more information, visit the R.O.A.R. Facebook Page, or call (907) 822-6777