The CRWP has worked with partners to complete three series of interpretive signs throughout Cordova and the Copper River watershed.  Visit here to learn more about each project, and visit our “Tour our Watershed” site for a virtual visit to each sign!

Cordova Discovery Trail

This series of signs can be found around Cordova’s town center.  A history of the area as a tribal crossroad, railroad and mining commerce, and generations of fishing activity are all themes that unfold in Cordova stories told on these signs.

Eyak Lake:  Cordova’s Million Dollar Lake

Hatchery CreekEyak Lake generates between $0.9 – 1.5 million dollars annually in sockeye and coho harvest revenues to fishermen (ADF&G Annual Finfish Management Reports), making it our “Million Dollar Lake”!  That’s a resource worth protecting, and it sits right in the middle of Cordova.  The CRWP developed and installed six signs around the lake that describe its salmon residents and their life cycle, history of land uses around the lake, what pollutants affect the lake and what the community can do to mitigate pollution to our town’s salmon habitat.

Copper River Watershed

watershed themed signsThis series of eight signs is located at waysides throughout the Copper River basin.  The collaboration of dedicated partners, creative writing by Wendy Erd, rich illustrations by Kristin Link, and graphic lay-out by Whittington-Evans Communications resulted in dynamic signs that tell the rich history of the region and work to raise awareness for the first language of the region through integration of Ahtna placenames. The overall goal of these signs is to help visitors at each location make a connection to the entire watershed and understand how where they are standing is connected to a much larger unique and special place.