We believe the Copper River watershed can have a vibrant, healthy future.

Have you heard?

Seasonal Job Opportunity in Cordova with CRWP!

The Copper River Watershed Project is in search of a seasonal, Cordova-based Invasive Plant Technician.

Hours: 40/week, June-September (with possible extension)
Salary: $18-22/hour D.O.E.
Application Deadline: May 19th

The Invasive Plant Technician will assist CRWP:

  • Accurately track field data in Survey123
  • Manually treat terrestrial invasive plants (dead-head, pull, and mow)
  • Assist with pre-season ordering of program supplies
  • Maintain and repair tools/field equipment
  • Participate in community outreach events
Fishing Web Recycling Events Coming Soon!!

We are making exciting progress with our fishing web recycling program! Last season we sent a full shipping container of nets from our watershed to be recycled and repurposed. This year, when you recycle aluminum cans in Cordova, you are  supporting CRWP’s Fishing Web Recycling Program!! Revenue earned from recycled cans is reinvested into the recycling program for Cordova’s fishing nets!

Fishing Web Recycling Dates:
May 3 – 5; 10 am – 3 pm
May 31 – June 2; 10 am – 3 pm
August 2 – 4; 10 am – 3 pm
September 20 – 22; 10 am – 3 pm
Save the Date for Salmon Jam!!

Salmon Jam will be rockin’ this summer July 14 – 15, 2023 with Blackwater Railroad headlining!

Get ready to boogie, and join us for fresh salmon, live music, kids’ events, and a weekend jam-packed with FUN in Cordova, Alaska !

Salmon in the Classroom Program Featured on NPR!!

We are very excited that teacher Jennifer Hodges and her class the Kenny Lake Hawks were featured on NPR March 4, 2023, along with CRWP and our Salmon in the Classroom program!!

This program gets kids up-close and hands-on with the lifecycle of salmon in our watershed, supporting the next generation of stewards in the Copper River watershed.

Way to go, Jennifer Hodges and Kenny Lake Hawks!!

International Year of the Salmon Conference

CRWP represented the Copper River at the International Year of the Salmon (IYS) Symposium!

Our Program Director, Kate Morse, attended the conference with Tommy Sheridan, Alaska’s commissioner on the North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission, who connected with teacher Jennifer Hodges 3-5 grade Kenny Lake classes via Zoom from one of IYS high seas research cruises back in April 2022.

Jennifer and her husband Brian Hodges helped to produce a short video presentation that explains our salmon-themed education programs and demonstrates the impact they have on her students – the goal was to inspire other researchers at the symposium to connect with youth. The video was intended to be made available via an online portal, but was so well-received that it was shows on the big screen to all participants at the symposium.

Adopt-a-Fry Fundraiser was a Success!!

Thank you for making our Adopt-a-Fry Fundraiser a success!! Your generous donations helped us unlock $5,000 in matching funds that will allow us to continue to bring salmon to the classroom, and support the next generation of watershed stewardship.

Many thanks to our generous donors, including Wilson Construction, who matched $5,000 of your donations this holiday season to support our watershed-education programs!!

Our Programs Making a Difference

We have completed a variety of habitat restoration & monitoring projects throughout the Copper River watershed to improve fish passage, re-vegetate and stabilize habitats for spawning and rearing salmon, assess water quality and identify salmon habitat for listing in the Alaska Department of Fish & Game’s Andaromous Waters Catalog.

CRWP programs take science learning outside for kids from grades K – 12. We lead field trips and classroom sessions on aquatic habitat, stormwater pollution, the salmon lifecycle, and watershed science. Students also participate in raising salmon fry from eggs in a classroom tank and releasing the fry come spring.

As part of our mission to ensure the continued health of our watershed communities, CRWP works to promote recycling throughout the Copper River area. We strive to maintain sustainable practices in our own operations, and want to encourage others to do so as well.

CRWP oversees Cooperative Weed Management Areas in Cordova and the Copper Basin to coordinate public and private resources to effectively treat high priority invasive plant species. Learn more about these cooperative efforts as well as to learn more about the high priority invasive plant species in the region.

It's salmon fishing season on the Copper River!!⁣

If you can't get out to catch your own, consider buying fish from @senasea_seafoods. 8% of your purchase is donated back to CRWP to support our watershed stewardship efforts. It matters how the fish you buy is caught.⁣

"Because Copper River Fishermen truly believe that their fish are special and the very best, they treat them that way- with the respect they deserve. The Copper River fishery is slower-paced than other salmon fisheries. This gives fishermen more time to handle the fish properly and cool them quickly. Rich and I take this careful handling one step further by doing the cutting and packaging ourselves." – Sena⁣
Click link in bio and select Shop Sena Sea!⁣
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If you're in the Copper Basin next week and are interested in edible and medicinal plants in the area, check out this mini workshop hosted by @pwsc_copperbasin and @copperrivernativeassociation⁣

When: June 5, 5-7:30pm⁣
Where: PWSC Glennallen⁣
Cost: $25⁣
#edibleplants #medicinalplantworkshop #CopperRiverBasin #Glennallen

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Cordova, bring in your nets for recycling this week!!⁣

Our next Fishing Gear Recycling event is Wednesday, May 31 - Friday, June 2, 10am-3pm at the City of Cordova Refuse Department.⁣

We'll take your gillnets, seine web, lead lines, and cork lines (all parts of the net must be separated to be accepted) for recycling and repurposing into useful things like knives, ballcaps, and shoes!⁣

If you're in Cordova and can volunteer some time to help process nets, we would greatly appreciate it! Sign up on our website for a time slot.⁣

Click link in bio and select Volunteer Signup for Fishing Gear Recycling Event.⁣
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Salmon season is in full swing!⁣

"Wild fish is seasonal, just like fruits and vegetables, and Copper River Sockeye are the first wild commercially fished salmon to spawn in the spring." –Sena⁣

If you're not in Alaska and can't catch your own fish, Sena Sea is still offering to ship FRESH fish - but only until May 30. Beginning in June the fish will be shipped frozen.⁣

When you buy fish from Sena Sea, 8% of the sales is donated back to CRWP in support of our Fish Habitat Restoration work.⁣
You support sustainable fishing when you shop Sena Sea.⁣
Click link in bio and select Shop Sena Sea to buy fresh salmon!⁣
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