Wild Food Feast 2023

Let’s celebrate the amazing Copper River watershed at the Wild Food Feast in Kenny Lake!

Cook your favorite dish made from local wild ingredients, and enter it in the Wild Food Feast Cook-off!! We invite participants to use their kitchen creativity to show off fish, game, and berries that grew, walked, swam, or flew in the watershed and were harvested in your local area. The only rule is the showcase ingredient in your dish can not come from a traditional brick-and-mortar store. Rather, let the great out-of-doors be your grocery store!

Prizes will be awarded for the favorite dish in each category. All guests are entered into door prize drawings.

When: Saturday, September 30, 5:00 pm

Where: Kenny Lake Community Hall, Kenny Lake

Cook-off Categories: Fly, Swim, Walk, or Grow

Entry is $10 for ages 5+, or free if you bring a dish!  

2018 Wild Food Feast. Photo by CRWP Staff

Shrimp and Pollock Fettuccine – Fresh homemade pasta with preserved lemon and garlic and spot prawn from the Prince William Sound sprinkled with dried harvested lovage, from the Docken kitchen. Photo by Lisa Docken

Stinging Nettle Soup and The Hunter Chef Cookbook. Photo by Lisa Docken

CRWP Staff are working hard to continue pursuing our mission. Consider renewing your membership in support of a healthy watershed and the salmon populations it supports. Renew your membership online this year. 


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