Welcome to the Virtual Wild Food Feast Recipe Swap!

During the COVID-19 pandemic we were unable to host our annual Wild Food Feast and Film Festival Membership events. In the spirit of keeping the tradition of cooking your best wild food dishes alive and as a fun social distancing activity we instead hosted a virtual Wild Food Feast recipe swap!

The categories will remain the same: Dishes made with ingredients that walked, swam, flew, or grew in the great out of doors and were harvested in your local area. The only rule is that the showcase ingredient in your dish can not come from the traditional brick and mortar store. Rather, let the great out of doors be your grocery store!

Submit your favorite wild food recipe to add it to the collection!

CRWP Staff are working hard to continue pursuing our mission and keep our programs afloat during these uncertain times. If you normally renew your membership at our annual event, we would greatly appreciate it if you would consider renewing your membership online this year. 


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