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We have been making some very exciting progress at CRWP to re-launch our fishing web recycling program! The baler that we purchased with funds from the Rasmuson Foundation to expand recycling capacity has been purchased and is on its way to Cordova right now. We are working with Grundens to recycle nets into a product that can be used in their new net-sourced line of products. Read the Cordova Times article from 6/8/2020.

Alaskans use about 800,000 to one million pounds of fishing web in their nets per year.  Most old web gets dumped in community landfills, shortening a landfill’s useful life and adding expense to municipal operations.  Salmon gillnets and seines are made from nylon, which can be re-processed to manufacture new products like telephones, computer parts, toothbrushes, carpeting and bicycle seats, among others.


Rules for Recycling Web:

  • Strip of corklines, weedlines, leadlines, and hanging twine.
  • Clean web of any organic matter.
  • Bundle in a piece of scrap web.


Drop-off fishing web at the Baler on Whitshed Road during open Baler hours.

Baler Facility Hours of Operation: Monday – Saturday 7:00 am – 3:30 pm. (907) 424-5600.

Notice: Fishing web is NOT being collected at the harbormaster lot.

instructions how to recycle net

Gillnet Stripping Tutorial

The Copper River Watershed Project is overseeing a fishing web recycling effort that was started by the Cordova District Fishermen United, the Marine Advisory Program, Native Village of Eyak, and the Prince William Sound Science Center.  Funding for the recycling was initially provided by the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

CRWP would like to thank the City of Cordova, Alaska Marine Lines, the Native Village of Eyak, Net Your Problem, and Grundéns for their partnerships in helping us facilitate the Fishing Web Recycling program and the Rasmuson Foundation, Copper River/Prince William Sound Marketing Association, The Alaska Community Foundation, and The Eyak Corporation, for their financial contributions. We couldn’t do it without this support and are very excited to see this program continue to grow!

We’re stoked to announce our partnership with Net Your Problem and Grundéns to drive awareness around the importance of recycling fishing nets and the many positive impacts it has on the fisheries that feed us all.
To celebrate we are launching an Instagram GEAR GIVEAWAY CONTEST with a chance to win Grundéns gear for your entire crew!

Here are the rules: 

1. You have to follow @NetYourProblem@copperriverwatershed and @Grundens on Instagram.
2. Please post a photo or video of you dropping off web for recycling in Cordova and use the #NetSourced.  STATIC POSTS ONLY, a story post does not count as an entry into the contest.  Instructions for how to properly prepare web for recycling are available here.
3. You have a chance to enroll, participate and win from Aug 10 to Oct 31 🎃 with the winner to be announced in November.  The winner will receive jackets, bibs and boots for THEMSELVES AND THEIR ENTIRE BOAT CREW!
4. Fill out this form and make sure you enter your email and Instagram handle so we can contact you if you win!
Fishing is a job that requires each team member to play their part, and if we want to change the way we dispose of fishing gear, we are going to need everyone to get involved, and to spread the word.  So please, spread the word about this contest, and lets recycle some web!