Restoring Connectivity on the Little Tonsina River

Culvert that blew out during a flooding event in 2006.

USFWS map of project area.

Increasing 70+ miles of spawning and rearing habitat on the Little Tonsina River!

In order to address habitat connectivity across the watershed, CRWP initiated a regional partnership in 2008 to develop a culvert ranking protocol for identifying high priority fish passage improvements across the landscape. In 2016 data were collected and scored for the Little Tonsina crossing, and since then it has been the highest priority in the watershed based on habitat and culvert scores and partner support. Little Tonsina River is a tributary of the Tonsina River that flows into the Copper River. The State of Alaska’s Anadromous Waters Catalog lists coho and Chinook adult and juveniles in this system.

An estimated 70+ miles of un-developed, unimpeded, remotely located spawning and rearing habitat is upstream of the culverts of concern and will be opened up. This project will replace the existing undersized culverts with a single-lane bridge designed to span at least two times the bankfull channel width.

Kate Morse on the KLAM Town Meeting Talk Show 4/13/22

CRWP Program Director, Kate Morse, joined the KLAM Town Meeting Talk Show on 4/13/22 to chat about the Little Tonsina project. Listen in at the beginning and hear from her why we’re excited to be working on this important project!