In 2018, Copper River fish passage partners were thrilled to receive funding from the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council to improve fish passage at 13 sites on the Copper River Delta. Undersized and/or failing culverts can constrict the stream channel, effecting water velocity and sediment transport through the culvert, creating a barrier to moving upstream for juvenile fish in particular. By installing new structures engineered to be fish friendly, we will restore access to approximately 22 miles of upstream spawning and rearing habitat for Coho and Sockeye Salmon, Coastal Cutthroat Trout, Dolly Varden and other resident fish species. Restoration sites are indicated by black dots on the map (click on map to see larger image).

The following is the current anticipated timeline for construction. Codes in parentheses refer to site labels on map. Invitation to bid and final bid tabulations will be available here upon release:

May 15- Aug 15, 2020: Mile 25 (Cop 43, 44, 45)

Summer 2021: 18-mile (Cop 20, 22, 25) and Goat Camp Road (Sher 2)

  • Invitation to Bid: Anticipated Winter 2020/21

Summer 2022: Sheridan River tributary (Cop 1) and Black Hole Creek (Cop 33)

Summer 2023: Sheridan River tributaries (Cop 9, Sher 1), and Elsner River tributaries (Cab 1& 2)