Survey Documentation

BLM Right of Way granted to Alaska Dept. of Transportation & Public Facilities, 1963

Alaska DOT/PF application to BLM for Material Site

Partially Surveyed Township 3 South Range 1 East of Copper River Meridian, Alaska, 1987

Interim Conveyance No. 1487 of BLM Lands to Chugach Alaska Corporation

Valdez C4 Quadrangle map of Interim Conveyance no. 1487 easements

2018 Survey Files

Little Tonsina Topo Survey Control

Little Tonsina Preliminary Survey Vicinity Map

Little Tonsina Preliminary Survey (autocad files available by contacting



2006 Flood Washout

FEMA Site Visit Report, January 2007

Burma Pit Road Culvert Replacement Scope of Work, March 2009

Estimate of Repairs for Burma Road

Proposed Highway Project, Permanent Pipe Repairs, Burma Road (design drawings)

ADOT/PF letter to AK Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services

Email from John Bennett, ADOT/PF Hydrologist, regarding conveyance capacity for Little Tonsina Crossing

Email correspondence regarding Fish Habitat Permit issued for placement of temporary culverts, 2006

Site Conditions Documentation

1953 As-Advertised Rich Hwy Section G

1967 As-Built Little Tonsina River North 9.1 Miles

1974 As-Built Rich Mile 74 to 2 Miles North of Tonsina

Little Tonsina Discharge Data, 2014-2017, BLM (DRAFT) Data within spreadsheet are images of the daily discharges and do not contain all the raw data, corrections, formulas, etc. used to calculate the final numbers. For more information or questions on this data, contact Mike Sondergaard, BLM Glennallen Field Office Hydrologist, (907)822-7314,

Little Tonsina Upstream Habitat Extent, 2017

ADOT/PF Soil and Aggregate Report, 2018

Habitat Data collected by CRWP as part of watershed-wide Culvert Prioritization Effort: Select “Burma Road” in drop-down menu and select culvert ID 20103476 from the list to the right. Habitat measurements collected using methods developed in partnership with USFWS, ADFG, BLM, ADOT/PF and USFS.

Culvert Data collected by CRWP. Culvert data collected using ADFG data collection methods.

Aerial Image of Little Tonsina, 2017

Aerial Image of Little Tonsina, 2017 Illustrates downstream channel re-route to accommodate construction of Richardson Highway (Google Earth)

USFWS Estimated Upstream Habitat , 45 miles

The estimated length of habitat upstream of the culvert was measured in GIS using the existing streamlines found in the National Hydrography Dataset and U.S. Geological Survey 7.5-minutes quadrangle topographic maps. Streamlines upstream of the culvert site were included until the stream ended, or stream slop exceeded 12% as measured manually from topographic maps, which was considered the upper limit for salmon. Click image to open larger file size.


Concept Design and Hydrology Documentation

Little Tonsina River Culvert Replacement Site Hydraulics and Hydrology Report by USFWS, 5/13/20

Little Tonsina Concept Design by USFWS, 5/13/20

Planning Team Discussion Notes

Meeting Notes, 5/5/20

Meeting Notes, 11/5/19

Meeting Notes, 2/27/19


Project Contact List

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