General Elodea Information

Chantel Caldwell

Elodea has also been found in several other places throughout Alaska:
o 2010: Chena Slough in Fairbanks
o 2011: Sand, DeLong, and Little Campbell Lakes in Anchorage
o 2012: Stormy and Beck Lakes on the Kenai Peninsula
o 2013: Daniels Lake on the Kenai Peninsula
o 2014: Alexander Lake in the Mat-Su Borough
o 2015: Lake Hood in Anchorage & Totchaket Slough near Fairbanks

Elodea can spread easily and re-establish from just a fragment of a plant.
o The best way to prevent the spread of Elodea is to prevent introductions

Elodea is a concern to Alaska because of its potential to replace native plant species, alter aquatic habitat, impede recreation, and even reduce property values.

You can decrease the spread of Elodea by inspecting and cleaning float planes, boats, other watercrafts, and trailers if you have been in infested waters.