A message from Lisa Docken: Covid Can’t Stop Good!

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Lisa Docken with a catch of Halibut over Easter Weekend.

I’m sending my warmest virtual regards as we enter into another week of COVID-19. I, myself, spend a lot of time at my dining room table – my now “office”- wishing I had a proper office chair. My wooden dining room chairs are not cutting it! I spend the odd moment of reprieve looking out the window and watching the chickadees and pine siskin spread seeds from my feeder across my patio deck. I really enjoy these quiet moments. This new ‘workspace’ is slowly becoming the new ‘normal’.

CRWP staff members are dedicated to finding ways to bring joy and support to our communities. Picking up trash along your roadside, bird watching and searching for signs of Spring are a few ways that individuals can stay connected to their watershed and to the beauty of our natural world. Don’t forget to be safe and physically distance yourself during these activities.

Admittedly, it seems our entire staff is just as busy if not busier these days. We are lucky that we can still plan and work on our mission-related projects. Thank goodness for virtual meeting platforms like Zoom, so we can still see each other’s faces and connect on a more personal level than strictly using email.

So, wherever you are right now, take a moment to pause and remember how much good there is in this world and how recognizing small joys today can have an additive impact on your mindset. As a member of the CRWP, we are working for you, working for the watershed and we hope that this gives you a sense of joy as we elbow through the coming weeks.






Lisa Docken,

Executive Director