Vanilla-Rhubarb Jam with Earl Grey from Food In Jars

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This Vanilla-Rhubard Jam recipe is an all-time favorite from Shae Bowman.

Rhubard freezes great when you have an abundance of it in summer and then when life slows down in the winter months you can dig it out of the freezer and make jars of jam for a sweet but tart reminder of spring! I first made this jam following a recipe from the Food In Jars book by Marisa McClellan. The recipe in the book differs a little bit from the recipe on her blog.

Note: I like to make a half raspberry/ half earl grey tea for this recipe. The recipe in the book recommends a double-strength brew. I use two tea bags of Earl Grey and two tea bags of a raspberry tea and make one cup. The recipe also calls for using 1 vanilla bean. I have never had a vanilla bean laying around the house so I always substitute with 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract which seems to work fine.

Get the recipe from the blog here.