Solo Sweep Litter Round-up: Start Reporting Your Trash Findings With Anecdata

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During the time of Covid-19, we might not be able to gather together as a community for our traditional community clean-up events but getting outside for some trash pick-up is a great way to fresh air, get exercise (ever heard of plogging?), and get the family involved in doing something positive!

Now you can report your trash findings to our new project on Anecdata! Reporting your data will help CRWP identify common types of litter in the watershed. We will use that information to help watershed communities find more sustainable alternatives to their most commonly littered items.

And to make reporting in the field fast and easy make sure to download the Anecdata App available on IOS and Android.

Create an Anecdata account and Start Reporting Here!

Once you have created an Anecdata account you will need to join our project by searching for the Copper River Steward’s Clean-up Journal.

When cleaning-up litter in a Solo Sweep please be sure to follow the CDC guidelines for distancing and hygiene.

  • Use your judgment. Don’t pick up anything that seems unsafe or unsanitary.
  • Wear gloves.
  • Wear a mask.

We ask all participants to observe CDC health and safety guidelines as well as current local health orders.