Sustaining Eyak Lake Salmon Habitat

Starting in 2023, the CRWP team with input from community partners will convene an Eyak Lake Working Group to collate and organize historic data as well as identify and collect new data on Eyak Lake spawning beds and other relevant Eyak Lake data. Data identified by partners will be included in a publicly available, digital database and interactive web map application hosted and managed by CRWP. In year two, CRWP will coordinate with partners, youth, and volunteers to implement restoration activities (stream-bank restoration, bank stabilization, etc.) at high priority sites identified in year one.

This project will seek to build off of the 1985 Eyak Lake AMSA Cooperative Management Plan dataset while incorporating new datasets to improve available data for management decisions. Specific types of data to be included in the database are:

  • Anadromous habitat, including delineation of spawning beds in the lake and its tributaries
  • Streams and sub-watersheds draining into Eyak Lake
  • Culvert condition scoring and monitoring
  • Water quality testing points and locations of concern
  • Land ownership records and uses (private, parks and recreation, airport, etc.)
  • Stormwater mapping
  • USGS gage stations
  • Drinking water infrastructure
  • Road erosion sites of concern
  • Restoration activities, past & present
  • Invasive species mapping and treatment locations
  • Bathymetry

View the full Eyak Lake spawning map here or interact with it below.

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