Welcome to the Wild Watershed Silent Auction & Event

Every year CRWP celebrates the Copper River watershed and the changing of seasons with a Wild Harvest Feast, our biggest fundraising event of the year. Although we cannot sit around the table to share a meal together this year, we can connect virtually with friends near and far to support the Copper River watershed. We wish more than anything that we could all be together to celebrate the abundance of wild food and resources a healthy watershed provides but to keep our communities safe and healthy, we’re putting on a Virtual Wild Watershed Fundraiser!

  • Two Weeks: Bid on silent auction items October 10th – October 24th 5pm AKDT.
  • Anytime: Donate to our main fundraiser campaign to support our programs.
  • Saturday, October 24th 3pm AKDT: Join us for a special virtual event – including commentary from staff, board members, CRWP supporters, and amazing footage of the Copper River Watershed.


Silent Auction

Quick, better get bidding on our silent auction items while you can!

Help us reach our fundraising goals...

Salmon Habitat
Watershed Education
Fish Net Recycling



Any donation helps directly support the work of CRWP.

CRWP Documentary Premier –  Saturday, October 24th at 3pm AK/7pm ET

After spending the summer sailing around Prince William Sound, professional videographers and adventurers, Will and Olya, took refuge in Cordova harbor during foul weather. The Watershed Project was lucky to connect with them, and even luckier to spend the weekend flying around the Copper River delta before sending them on a roadtrip up into the Copper Basin to film, explore, and connect with staff, board members, and partners across the watershed.

We’ve been equally lucky to have Matt Widmann of Wooden Mirror Productions compile and create the final film product.

Tune in here on Saturday, October 24th at 3pm AK/7pm ET for the live premier of our first ever CRWP documentary featuring local members, amazing scenery of the region, and the work that CRWP does!