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At the culmination of each year, students create a series of short films, podcasts, press releases and art to help share with others the exciting history of the pond, the ecological significance of this aquatic habitat, the importance of salmon to the community of Cordova, and potential threats facing this habitat and how we can all live as better neighbors to salmon.

moose matterWe hope you enjoy these projects, and welcome your feedback and comments on this exciting educational adventure.  More videos, pictures and audio links accessible through our “Tour Our Watershed” page, too!

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2009-2013 final projects

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What’s New at Odiak Pond? Plankton! By Rose Johnson.  Rose shares the excitement, and findings, from the first-time plankton survey in Odiak Pond.

Odiak Boxholder Mailing by Quincy Songer.  Quincy created this boxholder mailing that was distributed to all residents in Cordova via their P.O. box.  This was made possible with a small grant from Alaskans for Litter Prevention and Recycling shared via the City of Cordova.

Odiak’s Odyssey By Cadi Moffitt.  Cadi takes us back in time to when Odiak Pond was created and tells of the transition of Cordova around its banks.

We Found Salmon By Patrick Baptista.  Patrick explains the habitat study project and shares some their findings.

Start Saving Salmon By Cooper Jewel.  Cooper discusses the challenges facing salmon and other wildlife in Odiak Pond, including the culvert, litter and stormwater pollutants.

Where did your garbage go? By Starky Jimenez

Trash Talking By  Megan Reggiani

Megan and Starky discuss how garbage can end up in our local waterways and affect what is living there.

Are the Culverts Trapping Salmon in Odiak Pond? By Zack Songer.  Zack discusses the culvert’s effect on the salmon in Odiak Pond.

Silt & Salmon By Kirik Kuzmin.  Kirik discusses silt in Odiak Pond and how it can affect salmon and their habitat.


Don’t Pollute by Josi Moffit

Odiak Pond By Marina Madison

Odiak Pond Trash Update By Jamille

Odiak Pond Trash Clean-up By Cody Sjostedt

Plankton Data for Odiak Pond By Abigail Allison

Threats to Odiak Pond By James Tabilas

Do You Want to Live in a Dumpster? By Brett & Ethan

Do You Know Where Your Trash Goes? By Joey & Aaron

Don’t be Trashy By Sidney & Nadia

Is This Your Trash? By Anthony & Andrew

Just Pick It Up By Ethan & Andrew


Iron in Odiak Pond By Isaac Meyers.  Issac discusses iron in Odiak Pond water.

Salmon in Odiak Pond By Robbie Lewis.  After sharing the excitement of finding salmon in Odiak Pond, Robbie explores the current status and the threats facing this habitat.

Clean-up for the Fish By Jerome Ridao.  Jerome explores the affect of litter on salmon in Odiak Pond.  How would you want your pond to look if you were a salmon?

Macroinvertebrates in Odiak Pond By Spenser Plant.  Spenser explains how macroinvertebrates can serve as an indicator of ecosystem quality, and reports findings from their assessment of Odiak Pond.


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2012-2013 Videos

Headlines again:  Litter in Odiak By Samantha and Whitney.

How Trash Gets Scattered By Kylie and Kayley

Why Bother with Odiak? by Corinne Pegau

2010-2011 Videos

Odiak Monitoring Project By Daniel Nichols and John Felix.  This movie will inform you about the 2010-2011 7th grade Odiak Pond monitoring project and share some of their findings.

Salmon in Odiak Pond?  Where’s That? By Katie Bailer, Lindsay Phillips, and Celeste Jensen.  Join Lindsay, Celeste and Katie as they work to raise awareness for Odiak Pond and the salmon that live there.

Stop Trashing Odiak! By Rezaline Gappe, Michaelah Stramecky, and Michaela Galliher.  This film will inspire viewers to put their garbage in the proper place.

The Dangers of Littering By Ceylon Miner, Katelynn Gray, and Laura Appleton.  Follow detectives Laura and Ceylon as they track the litter back to its source and work to put it to an end!

Salmon for Neighbors By Liz Allison and Haley Hoepfner.  Learn about how the community of Cordova affects the fish habitat in Odiak Pond.

Trash in Odiak Pond By Eli Eckley and Mathias Reid.  This movie shares details about the trash getting washed into Odiak Pond.

Healthy Habitat for Salmon By Matthew Figelski.  This movie shares information about Odiak Pond and why protecting salmon habitat is important.

2009-2010 Videos

The History of Odiak Pond This film explores the how Odiak Pond was created and how the community of Cordova has grown up around its edges over the years.

Odiak Pond Ecosystem  This film takes a closer look at the components of this aquatic ecosystem located within Cordova city limits.

Commercial Fishing This film explains the history of commercial fishing in Alaska and the types of gear and fish harvested around Cordova.

Importance of Salmon and Fishery to Cordova This film emphasizes the importance of fishing to the community and Alaska, and explains how the Alaska Department of Fish and Game works to protect our waterways for salmon and other anadromous fish.

Our Year of Monitoring This film summarizes the scientific monitoring conducted by the 7th grade science class from Cordova Middle School.

Potential Threats to Odiak Pond This film explores the impacts development and human activities can have on the health of this pond located in Cordova city limits.

How To Be Good Neighbors to Salmon The Clean-Up crew teaches us all valuable lessons on how we can be better neighbors to salmon in this short film.