A Cooperative Weed Management Area is a geographically designated zone in which a coordinated group of agencies, businesses, landowners, and citizens work together to control or eradicate priority invasive plant species.

In order to protect the Copper River watershed, CRWP has helped establish CWMAs both up and downriver. By partnering with public land managers, tribal organizations and other private landowners, a cooperative system has been developed for addressing invasive plants across land boundaries and throughout river drainages.

CWMAs have been developed for Cordova and the Copper Basin, and CRWP oversees the coordinator position for each program. This collaborative approach allows for the sharing of resources and expertise and helps develop a strategic approach for invasive plant management beyond traditional boundaries. Not only does this increase the effectiveness of our eradication efforts for invasive species, but it is also a more efficient use of limited resources.

Glennallen Weed Smackdown 2014

Volunteers at the second annual Copper Basin CWMA Weed Smackdown. The event was held in Glennallen during summer 2014 and removed 2,032 pounds of invasive white sweetclover.

Copies of the CWMA Strategic Plans are available by contacting the CRWP office.

Copper Basin Planning Team partners: Ahtna, Inc., Bureau of Land Management, CRWP, Wrangell St. Elias National Park & Preserve, United States Fish & Wildlife Service

Cordova Planning Team partners:  CRWP, United States Forest Service, City of Cordova, Private Landowners