Become a citizen scientist and help the CRWP track and remove invasive plants across the watershed!

Use our CRWP Invasive Plants Project, hosted on the citizen science platform,, to report invasive plant observations, view past invasive plant work, participate in the invasive weed smackdown, and check out where the invasive plant crew is tackling invasives in real-time. Join us in the fight against invasive plants!

Invasive Plant Reporter

Help us monitor and track invasive plants across the Copper River watershed by reporting new invasive plant sightings! Visit our Invasive Plants project page and contribute sightings of invasive plants using the “add observation” button and the “Invasive Plant Datasheet”. Your observations help our team focus field efforts and cover more ground! This is an ongoing project and observations can be reported at any time.

Invasive Weed Smackdown

Join us in 2022 for the 9th annual Invasive Weed Smackdown! Participate in the Copper River watershed weed smackdown by removing invasive plants from within the Copper River watershed. Report your work via our Invasive Plants project page on by using the “add observation” button and the “E-weed smackdown” datasheet to report where, what, and how much you pulled!

How to Participate:

Visit the main Copper River Watershed Invasive Plant Reporter project page – from there clicking the ‘Add Observation’ button will open up the option to select one of two datasheets. The ‘Invasive Plant Reporter’ Datasheet will bring you to a datasheet where you can report invasive plant sightings. The ‘E-Weed Smackdown’ Datasheet will bring you to the Invasive Weed Smackdown datasheet where you can report the amount and species you pulled. Check out the PDF instructions and video tutorial below for more help.

Contact with any questions and let us know if you’d like some native plant seeds as a thank you for your help and keeping the Copper River watershed free of invasive plants!

Download, print, or post a 2021 Invasive Weed Smackdown event flyer for your neighborhood:

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Invasive Plant Reporter

PDF Instructions