Cordova Co-operative Greenhouse Initiative Updates:

In November 2020 community members were invited to participate in a survey regarding interest in a cooperative greenhouse and increasing the amount of locally-grown produce in Cordova.

The results of the survey can be found in the Cordova Co-operative Greenhouse Survey Results ReportContact Chris for more information!

Cordova Spring Garden Starts Swap Group 2021

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the start swap as we prepare for our gardens this year.
TIME:  from 6-8 PM 
WHERE: outside the Red Dragon (or if raining- then inside the Red Dragon – masks may be required)
Click HERE to visit the Google Drive file to add your name to the start swap list, your selected variety you would like to bring and any other notes. Ideally, each person brings a minimum of 24 starts.
In the file you will also find a site where you can download resources for planning your garden space, generate a planting calendar and read all about the different vegetables and how to grow all kinds of edibles!
On the registration page, we would love to know:
1. What seed company do you prefer when purchasing seeds for your garden?
2. Do you have any online resources you like to use?
3. Comments regarding: growing charts, starting seeds at home, supplemental lighting for your starts, how to handle those obnoxious SLUGS, etc.
*Any information you provide will be shared with the entire group.