Help keep Cordova stormwater clean – CLICK HERE to take the pledge to inspect your car 

One of the most significant, yet unrecognized, groups of water contaminants is stormwater pollutants. As stormwater and snow melt runs off the land it can pick up contaminants including sediment, oil, gas, fertilizer, pet waste, and leaked chemicals stored outside. Pollutants end up in local lakes and streams.

Pollutants decrease water quality, which can create a harsh environment for aquatic life.  This includes fish egg development and fry growth rates.

Perkins Auto Repair, here in Cordova, works hard to keep Cordova stormwater clean by reusing, recycling, and properly disposing of liquids and materials in their shop! Now they have donated 3 FREE car inspections to the PLEDGE TO INSPECT campaign! The PLEDGE TO INSPECT campaign hopes to decrease pollutants in stormwater runoff and keep Cordova waters clean! To be entered to win 1 of the 3 free car inspections take the pledge to inspect your car for auto leaks – we recommend a visual check every 3 months. Winners will be drawn in June 2017!


You can help decrease stormwater pollutants!

  • Fix auto leaks. Inspect your car every 3 months for auto leaks.
    • Fluids to check: engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and radiator fluid.
    • Perkins Auto Repair reminds us all to look for a wide range of colors – leaky fluids are NOT ALWAYS black or a rainbow sheen!
    • If you find leaking fluids use an absorbent pad until the car can be brought into a shop.
  • If you change your own oil, be sure to use an oil pan and properly dispose of the used motor oil.
  • Do not allow gas to overflow when filling up.
  • Throw trash out at proper receptacles.
  • Pick up pet waste and dispose in proper receptacles.
  • Never dump anything down a storm drain.
  • Store chemicals for your car and house in a water tight area.

Take the PLEDGE TO INSPECT your car every 3 months for auto leaks

and be entered to win a FREE car inspection from Perkins Auto Repair!