Copper River Basin Symposium:  Tradition, Science, and Stewardship

February 18 – 20, 2020, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve Visitor Center and Theater, Copper Center, AK

To facilitate knowledge sharing and research coordination across the Copper River Basin, several regional organizations are teaming up to host the Copper River Basin Symposium:  Tradition, Science, and Stewardship. We hope this symposium will strengthen relationships and collaborative research and management activities among federal and state agencies, Native corporations, tribal councils, and others who together share a stewardship interest in the Copper River Basin.

The symposium is scheduled for February 18 -20, 2020, and will be held at the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve Visitor Center and Theater in Copper Center, Alaska. Registration will be $75. Following the symposium will be a facilitated half-day workshop on synthesizing salmon and salmon habitat research. Funding and other support for this symposium is being provided by the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, the Bureau of Land Management, and symposium registration fees.

Lodging is available at several B&Bs in the Copper Center and Glennallen area (visit and the Greater Copper Valley Chamber of Commerce for lodging information). Not all lodging options are open in winter.

Check back at this site for updates this fall with information on symposium speakers and other developments. If you would like to be added to a mailing list for symposium e-mails, please sign up here.

Symposium Partners:

Wrangell Institute for Science and Environment

Wrangell Mountains Center

Copper River Watershed Project

Native Village of Eyak research fish wheel, June 2019; P. Rand, PWSSC.

Dr. Laura Prugh, University of Washington, at one of 22 snow depth monitoring stations (part of Dall sheep research) in the Wrangell Mountains.