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Copper River Stewardship Program

This hands-on program takes 10 youth from communities throughout the watershed on an in-depth adventure through the Copper River watershed.


panorama Copper River

This hands-on program takes 10 youth from communities throughout the region on an in-depth adventure through the Copper River watershed.  Participants meet with representatives from a wide range of fields and perspectives along the way, learning about what makes this watershed so special, as well as the challenges the region faces.

After completing their journey, participants create a unique project to share their experience with others.  We hope you enjoy the projects we have posted here and invite your ideas and feedback for future stewardship programs.

2014 Trip: We all live downstream

2014 CRSP rafting pict

Participants on this year's adventure rafted the Gulkana River in the Copper Basin and spent a night at the U.S. Forest Service Pete Dahl field camp on the Copper River Delta, all the while contemplating how "we all live downstream".  Yup'ik CRSP nest island pictStoryteller Jack Dalton was back for another year to work with students on creative reflection and writing activities, and Alaska Teen Media Institute assisted students in the collection of audio interviews and sounds of the Copper River watershed. Participants are working on their final projects which will be shared here, so check back this fall! 



An informational flyer can be downloaded here.

All youth currently in 8-12th grade are eligible.

Cost:  $250, scholarships are available. 

Please contact the representative from your region listed below for more information.  Be sure to check out the projects below that show the highlight's from past adventures!  

growing stewards


Cordova:  Kate Morse, CRWP, 424-3334

Copper Basin & Valdez: Robin Underwood, Wrangell Institute for Science and Environment, 822-3575,

Going to Extremes

The 2013 Copper River Stewardship Program

The following movie was created by participants in the 2013 Copper River Stewardship Program with assistance from Yup'ik storyteller Jack Dalton. Creative writing pieces written and recorded by participants accompany photographs and videos of their journey, capturing their lessons learned, adventures and humor.



"The rivers that run through our watershed are important to all of us.  I learned how fragile the balance of it all can be, and what people in our region are doing to keep it in good shape.  I also learned that teamwork is essential.  It would have been impossible to do all of this without the help of many different people, and we all learned to work well together."

"The first is that the watershed is fragile, and a special thing that should be watched over and protected.  If we protect the watershed, then that also is better for the environment, especially salmon that a lot of people depend on for food and money."


"I got to know a lot of new people on this trip, and it made me much more open minded.  I know that I will do everything I can to take care of this watershed in the future, and encourage other people to do the same."

"Right now I think the I have made a couple changes to my daily life.  And maybe in the future if I choose to work for ADF&G, managing the salmon would be a career that I would consider, having not considered it before.  And also I never knew that the people living around the upper Copper River depend on the fish more for food.  That would certainly make my decisions different to provide more people with food."


Experience the day-to-day adventures of the Copper River Stewardship Program through the video logs created by participants.  Click on the title of the movie to view the short film on YouTube. 

Tazlina River Adventure:  In 2012 participants had the opportunity to learn about aquatic ecology while canoeing on Lake Louise and rafting the Tazlina River.  

Journey Through the Watershed:  In 2011 participants explored Kennecott Copper Mines, assessed fish habitat on McCarthy Road, camped and hiked on the Chugach National Forest, and canoed through the Copper River Delta.  

Gulkana River Days:  A film created by participants on the 2010 CRSP who rafted the Gulkana River.   

Visit our two online projects (click on the title to be directed to these webpages):

Emmie's Raft Trip Experience

Kristina's Raft Trip blog

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