Cordova Breakwater Trail

Breakwater TrailWith funding from the Alaska Recreational Trail Grants program, the City of Cordova, and time donated from many volunteers, CRWP constructed a walking trail on top of the Cordova Harbor Breakwater.  Now visitors and residents have a level walking surface to visit one of the Cordova waterfront’s most scenic vistas.


Gulkana River Salmon Viewing Platform

Gulkana River Salmon Viewing PlatformWhen CRWP worked on creating a new trail to Fish Creek at mile 190 on the Richardson Highway in 2001, our crew leader noticed how many people walked down the bank to look at salmon in the Gulkana River at the motorists’ pull-out.  In 2002, we applied for and were awarded funding to construct this salmon viewing platform, and the State Parks & Recreation Division created two interpretive signs that are installed on the platform.  The platform protects bank vegetation from foot traffic, and provides a safe viewing opportunity for visitors.