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Fish Habitat Restoration & Monitoring

We have completed a variety of habitat restoration & monitoring projects throughout the Copper River watershed to improve fish passage, re-vegetate and stabilize habitats for spawning and rearing salmon, assess water quality and identify salmon habitat for listing in the Alaska Department of Fish & Game's Andaromous Waters Catalog.  Visit this site to access our culvert prioritization tool, see highlights of our restoration efforts, and learn more about Salmon Blitz habitat assessment efforts.  You will also find information about restoration around Eyak Lake and Odiak watershed in Cordova.

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Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS)

The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) crosses five major tributaries to the Copper River, all of which are salmon spawning rivers. Residents of this region fear a spill from a pipeline breach could quickly end up in the main stem of the Copper River and damage spawning and migratory habitat of the world-famous Copper River salmon.

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Watershed Education

Education programs for all ages work to help residents and visitors to this region see and appreciate the Copper River region as a watershed, where all things are connected by water. Visit this page to learn more about the education programs we do.

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CRWP works to support small-scale, independent traveler tourism. We have participated in regional planning efforts, constructed trails, developed educational materials that share the wealth of history in the region with visitors, and help facilitate a weekend summer festival to bring visitors to Cordova.

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Trained volunteers collect biological, chemical and human use water body data on Copper River drainage tributaries and lakes each season. The goal of FishWatch is "to maintain healthy salmon habitat that supports subsistence, commercial, sport and personal use fisheries, and to assure collaborative stewardship for water quality and wild salmon over the long run."

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Invasive Plant management

CRWP oversees Cooperative Weed Management Areas in Cordova and the Copper Basin to coordinate public and private resources to effectively treat high priority invasive plant species. Visit this page to learn more about these cooperative efforts as well as to learn more about the high priority invasive plant species in the region.  Please help be our eyes on the ground!

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Dog poop is hazardous to your shoes AND your health.  Neglected pet waste contaminates Cordova's streams and lakes and can make people sick. Visit this page to learn more about the effects of dog waste on our community and the Clean Streets.  Clean Streams. Clean Shoes. campaign.

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Don't Run Off Salmon Stormwater Education Campaign

Concern about stormwater run-off harming Cordova's salmon waterbodies led the CRWP to initiate a public education campaign called Don't Run Off Salmon and to work on identifying mitigation measures for stormwater run-off in Copper River watershed communities.

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Opportunities only get better for recycling in Cordova!   Visit this page for more on how to recycling aluminum cans, fishing web, plastics or electronics, or to download a copy of Native Village of Eyak's recycling guide.

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Growing WILD! Fish Waste Compost

Growing Wild! Copper River Salmon Soil is a quality organic compost product made in Cordova, Alaska.  Growing Wild! Copper River Salmon Soil gives gardeners an organic alternative to expanding the cycle of sustainability.  We compost fish processing scraps and sawdust to produce a fish-rich soil amendment that brings valuable nutrients like nitrogen, calcium and potassium to plants, and reduces a seafood processing waste stream that otherwise goes untapped.

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